About BLK pediatric practice..

The concept of this E-platform “Pediatric Practice” is brain child of Dr. S. C. Arya, Emeritus Consultant Pediatrician, who is also its editor.
Dr. S. C. Arya, has been a practicing pediatrician in Delhi for more than 50 years and was instrumental in the development of Centre for Child Health at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Since 2008, the Center For Child Health at BLK Super Speciality Hospital has been blessed to have him as an Emeritus Consultant and nurture under his able mentorship.
From Dr. Arya’s pen…

“Most of us do not find time to read about an illness or medical issues, unless we are confronted with a problem. And for that there are many sources of reference – printed and on internet.
We wanted to give nuggets of information which would be useful during the pediatric office practice, in either diagnosis or in management. Our effort would be, to keep this information /knowledge brief so that we read it as soon as we acknowledge it and not postpone it for later reading- which often means not reading at all.
Pediatric Practice is a potpourri of information-some you would like, some you would ignore, but read you must. Your comment would help us to plan our program further.”

We would encourage our readers to suggest us topics, which would help all of us in our daily office practice and we will try our best to include these in our future posts.
We are not in a position to solve your individual challenges/problem cases through “Pediatric Practice”. For that you would have to contact the particular Specialist through your emails to us, which we would redirect for a possible solution.
How the “Pediatric Practice” platform works …

Posts contain a Brief Information, that would be useful to many of us in our office pediatric practice. At times this would be followed by a concluding information over next day or two if it cannot be summarized briefly in one go.

The subscriber is welcome to post comments to that information and we would try our best to address to these concerns in our future posts

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