2019 RNTCP IAP Guidelines for Treatment of Tuberculosis in children… Part 2

Changes in 2019 RNTCP

  1. No CAT II ATT Regimen Guidelines

CAT II used to be the empiric treatment regimen for treatment failures, defaulters and TB relapse and this category has been withdrawn.

All such children shall now be evaluated as Drug Resistant TB suspects and investigated as per the Drug Resistant TB Algorithm. And such children need to be referred to TB experts for proper evaluation.

In case they are found to be Drug sensitive they shall be started on as for a new case i.e. 2HRZE + 4 HRE, else Drug Sensitivity based treatment shall be followed in those found to have any Drug Resistance. 

2. Isoniazid doses have been increased from 5 mg/kg to 10-15 mg/kg for treatment and prophylaxis. 300 mg per day is the max dose.

3. Routine pyridoxine supplementation is recommended to all children receiving treatment or prophylaxis on Isoniazid. Dose is 10 mg daily (Currently available as 40 mg tablet BENADON)

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