When to ask for neuro imaging in recurrent headaches

The American academy of neurology (2002) recommends:

Routine neuroimaging study is not indicated in children with recurrent headaches and normal neurological examination. It is indicated in children who have:

  • Abnormal neurological examination, coexistence of seizures or both
  • Recent onset of severe headache
  • Change in the type of headache, or if there are associated features that suggest neurologic dysfunction 


  1. Please share on type of neuoimaging requuired in different scenarios-cyst/head injury/abscess/migraine
    When to ask for NCCT /CT with contrast/MRI in case of evaluation of head/abdomen/chest/limbs
    When /for which body parts to order when we use 8slice/16slice/32 slice CT
    Radiation exposure of children while using different imaging modalities-
    Some centres have higher priced MRI machines-do they offer some advantages to treating clinitian


    1. Thank you Dr Aseem for your queries, our Expert is framing matter based on these, to be included in subsequent posts


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