Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome(PMIS) – Mystery tied to COVID and Kids

Earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic, children and young adults looked to be largely spared the higher infection rates and greater disease severity seen in older adults. As the pandemic continues , the public health officials have started warning physicians about the increase in the cases of “pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome(PMIS)” which is temporally associated with COVID-19 and bears a number of Kawasaki-disease features.

The majority of the cases were reported from the places like  UK, Italy and some parts of USA ( New York)which have also recorded the highest number of COVID 19 cases overall  

Reports of children contracting—and occasionally dying—from a rare inflammatory disorder associated with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) have prompted concern, as the disease has so far largely spared pediatric populations.

The newly identified syndrome appears to be the result of a child’s immune system’s going into overdrive after a COVID-19 infection.

It shares an overlap features between Kawasaki and Toxic shock syndrome . While Kawasaki is more common in less than 5 years, this syndrome is being seen more in older kids and also there is more involvement of GI system and profound involvement of cardiovascular system – leading to heart failure and shock like symptoms.

Dr Rachna Sharma, Head, Pediatric Critical Care at BLK Centre for Child Health has crisply  summed up the above clinical scenarios in this short Video Presenation, with evidences gathered from world over and also one such case which was successfully discharged from PICU in June 2020.


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