IAP vaccination update 2020

The updates e-published byIndian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Immunization Practices (ACVIP) on 29th November 2020 issue new recommendations especially for IPV, IIV & Varicella vaccines apart from few other  practice guidelines.

Injectable Polio Vaccine – IPV

  • Studies examining the long-term persistence of antibodies following IPV vaccination, have shown persistence of antibodies only up to the school-entry age, with the highest titers observed with the 3+1 schedule. Also, all IPV using countries recommend a school age booster.
  • Current update by IAP also recommends A booster of the injectable polio vaccine (IPV) at 4-6 years.  In case of non-availability of standalone IPV, this dose can be administered as a combination with DPT vaccines. 

Inactivated Influenza Vaccine- IIV

  • Since the 1970s, the lower dose of Influenza vaccine at ages < 3 years was adopted to reduce reactogenicity and febrile convulsions observed with the whole virus vaccines that were in use at that time. The currently used split virion or Sub-unit vaccines are not that reactogenic. 
  • So, currently IAP recommends a uniform dosing of 15mcg (0.5mL) of inactivated influenza vaccines for all children older than 6 months. 
  • So far, two brands, *Influvac Tetra( Abbott)and *Fluarix Tetra (GSK) have received DCGI approval for this uniform dosage recommendation.

Varicella Vaccine

  • Studies have shown that  Varicella vaccine effectiveness dropped from 97% in the first year post-vaccination to 86% in the second year  resulting in more cases of breakthrough varicella. 
  • Hence, the current IAP recommendation of administering  the second dose of varicella vaccine at 3-6 months after the first dose.

Click HERE for the Updated Vaccination Chart

Click HERE for the Updated Age-wise Table

Click HERE for the Detailed Vaccination Update electronic publication by IAP

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