Tracheo-bronchial Foreign Body Extraction in children

Removal of foreign bodies from the child’s airways can be done either by a flexible bronchoscope or a rigid bronchoscope. Most usual foreign bodies like peanuts, almonds, other nuts and seeds can be removed using a flexible bronchoscope. We can use many instruments like baskets, triprongs, rat-tooth forceps etc. The process is done in mild sedation in the bronchoscopy room or PICU. Foreign bodies like sharps pins, badly stuck foreign bodies or glottic/subglottic foreign bodies require rigid bronchoscopy. Optical forceps are used for removing foreign bodies. Rigid bronchoscopy is done under general anesthesia in the OT.

Dr Ankit Parakh, Consultant Pediatric Pulmonology, Allergy & Sleep Medicine, briefly describes the role of Flexible Bronchoscopy in Pediatric Emergency care for Tracheo-bronchial Foreign Body Removal.

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