Benign myoclonus of infancy

  • Benign myoclonus of early infancy is characterized by episodes of myoclonic spasms involving flexion of the trunk, neck, and extremities in a manner resembling the infantile spasms of West syndrome. The spasms typically occur in clusters, only seen in waking state with no change in consciousness during the spells. 
  • Onset common between 3- 9 months of age and cease within 2 weeks to 8 months. 
  • Differentials include: West syndrome, myoclonic epilepsy syndromes, shuddering attacks
  • An EEG is usually necessary to exclude epilepsy syndromes of infancy which is essentially normal. The developmental and neurologic outcomes are normal
  • Treatment is not needed and movements are self-limited

Read classification of ” Paroxysmal Non Epileptic Events PNEE

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