Management of High Altitude Illness(Acute mountain sickness)

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  • Mild headaches can be treated conservatively with paracetamol or ibuprofen.
  • Use ondansetron for vomiting.
  • Supplemental oxygen (if available) can be helpful in symptomatic relief even if saturations are normal.
  • Acetazolamide, which speeds acclimatization  may help in adolescents and adults but for younger patients, it is better for prophylaxis than treatment.
  • Dexamethasone is more effective than acetazolamide at rapidly relieving the symptoms of moderate to severe illness If symptoms are getting worse while the traveler is resting at the same altitude, or in spite of medication, he or she must descend.
  • Patients should descend, in case of persistent or worsening symptoms despite medications
  • Dose  of Dexamethasone- 0.15 mg/kg/dose every 6 hrly (max up to 4 mg per dose)

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