Growing pains

Growing pains are seen during period of Growth Spurts in children, i.e. at age of 4-6 years and after that at age of 9-11 years in Girls  & 10-12 years in Boys.

Growing pains are usually non specific without any history of trauma or  infection. It is more commonly reported  during late evening or bed time. Typically child complains of  having severe pain in both lower limbs especially in knee and  calves and demands massage of legs for relief. The exacerbations are noted especially after any unaccustomed physical activity during the day.

Parental counseling about the benign nature of this condition should be done and a diet rich in proteins, calcium  and regular vitamin D supplementation is recommended. Sometimes if the pain is severe, paracetamol can be given and rarely NSAIDs would be required.

Growing pains is a diagnosis of exclusion and other causes of pain should be excluded to find out any local pathology like trauma , joint infection, transient synovitis, osteoid osteoma etc

Post Pic Credit: Children Hospital, LA

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