What is Polakiuria

POLAKIURIA -Also known as benign urinary frequency, it means increased urinary frequency during day time. 

It commonly affects school aged children who are toilet trained and are previously healthy. Child feels the urge to urinate every 10-30 minutes. It may be up to 30-40 times in a day. Urinary stream is normal, there is no pain during urination or change in bowel habits.

Typically, child passes only a small amount of urine each time and is able to hold urine without leaking accidents when distracted, engaged in some activity and always remains dry during sleep. It is simply child’s increased awareness to bladder needs. 

There is neither any increase in thirst or water intake nor it requires any restriction of water intake. It is a disturbing condition for the family and teachers as well. Children become more upset and restless if they are asked to hold urine.

At times, a trigger like urinary tract infection (UTI) or any psychological stressor may be identified.


CLICK below to listen to a brief presentation on Polakiuria

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