Oseltamivir in Swine Flu H1N1

Usual adult Dose of Oseltamivir is 75 mg twice daily for 5 days

In Pediatric age group, dose is 3 mg/kg/dose or one can follow the weight based chart as given below

Duration of Oseltamivir Treatment is 5 days

Oseltamivir is also given as Chemoprophylaxis to House hold contacts of the cases who qualify as high risk 

Duration of Post Exposure Prophylaxis is 10 days after last exposure.

Oseltamivir is available as 75 mg Capsules and also as syrup (12mg per ml)

Vaccine vs Chemoprophylaxis-   

Influenza vaccine cannot substitute for Oseltamivir Chemoprophylaxis and Oseltamivir prophylaxis should be given to high risk contacts irrespective of Vaccination status.


  1. What are the WHO recommendations regarding start of anti flu medication.?

    As early as possible or wait till patient becomes serious


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