Role of IVIG in Kawasaki Disease

Untreated patients of Kawasaki Disease have a 25% risk of involvement of the coronary arteries. IVIG can reduce the rate of coronary artery involvement in the treated child to less than 4%.

IVIG should be given within 10 days of illness onset but as soon as possible after diagnosis.

Once coronary artery aneurysms are detected, it is reasonable to administer IVIG, even if presenting after the 10th day of illness (i.e, in whom the diagnosis was missed earlier).

IVIG can also be considered in cases which have either persistent fever without any other explanation or coronary artery abnormalities together with ongoing systemic inflammation, as suggested by elevated ESR or CRP.

Dose of  IVIG is 2 g/kg as a single Infusion usually given over 10 to 12 hours, together with ASA(Asprin*)

Measles, mumps, and varicella immunizations should be deferred for 11 months after receiving IVIG

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