Rabies – Post Exposure Prophylaxis of the Vaccinated

In a rabies endemic country like India where there is sustained dog-to-dog transmission, every warm blooded animal bite is suspected as a potentially rabid animal bite. As rabies is practically 100% fatal, even bites to a previously vaccinated individual should be  treated  as a “Medical Emergency” and the post exposure prophylaxis must be provided immediately.

Booster doses in Re-exposure of previously vaccinated individuals
  • Re-Exposure within 3 months of completing a previous course of post exposure shots- No need of re-vaccination. Routine first aid care of wound should be done.
  • Re-exposure beyond 3 months of receiving Anti rabies vaccine – give only two booster doses intramuscularly on days 0 and 3. Proper wound toilet should be done. 

Treatment with Rabies Immunolobulin (RIG)/Mono clonal Antibody is not required.

Where can we get anti rabies titers done to access the efficacy of the vaccines

Anti Rabies Titers can be done at National Centre For Disease Control, Shamnath Marg, Delhi – 110 054 on request.

NCDC  (NICD)- 011-23909257 , 011-23913148, 011-23971272/060/344


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