Umbilical Lines- Practice Pearls

Placing an Umbilical line is now a common procedure carried in any NICU setup and every Neonatologist is well versed with this. Behind the art of placing a successful Umbilical line, lies the knowledge of the neonatologist about catheter material, (which can increase the complication rate), its size, (which one to choose for tiniest preterm), and how to handle or troubleshoot the unexpected situations as they evolve unexpectedly. 

When you are planning to insert any central line, always try to take all precautions to prevent Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections(CRBSI) and must think of removing it as early as possible to avoid all sort of complications. 

Also, we all have been using an X-ray to confirm the line tip positions in the past,  however, if we have the facilities, now we should expertise the bedside usage of ultrasound to confirm the tip position considering it a current standard of care.

Dr Kumar Ankur, Consultant Neonatologist at BLK Centre of Child Health takes us through a small Educative Video on skills involved for placing Umbilical lines.


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