Red-Flag Signs for Early Detection of Developmental Delay

In our daily practice, we do not spend enough time to pick up developmental delay in the child. 

At times we are not sure of our observation and we don’t want to create unnecessary anxiety in the parents. We wait for the next visit to confirm our observations. Similarly, when mother/father observe some lacunae in the development of the child, they share it with elders in the family. Invariably they are reassured that the child would grow out of it, e.g. father was also late in walking/speaking, etc. This denial by the family members also happens when the doctor points out the developmental delay. They go for doctor shopping and someone would reassure them; which further delays the needed intervention. 

To sensitize our parents and remind ourselves, we should have the list of Red Flag Signs’  handy for a quick reference or display same at clinics. These ‘Red Flag Signs’ for early childhood detection of developmental delay have been taken from Centre For Disease Control(CDC), Atlanta. Early detection would  lead to an early intervention.

Click here for the list of age specific ‘RED FLAG SIGNS’

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