Neonatal Adaptation Syndrome

Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS) is a result of the sudden discontinuation of fetal exposure to drugs that were used or abused by the mother during pregnancy. NAS leads to a constellation of signs and symptoms involving multiple systems.  The Finnegan scoring system is commonly used to assess the severity of NAS. Scoring can be helpful for initiating, monitoring, and terminating treatment in neonates. 

Nonpharmacological care is the initial treatment option, and pharmacological treatment is required if an improvement is not observed after nonpharmacological measures or if the infant develops severe withdrawal. Breastfeeding is not contraindicated in NAS.

Let’s listen what Dr Kumar Ankur has to explain in this brief video on NAS or commonly referred to as Neonatal Withdrawal Syndrome or Neonatal abstinence syndrome

Post picture Courtesy Nature Reviews Disease Primers volume 4, Article number: 47 (2018) Published: 22 November 2018. <Neonatal abstinence syndrome>, Mara G. Coyle, Susan B. Brogly, Mahmoud S. Ahmed, Stephen W. Patrick & Hendrée E. Jones 


  1. good evening 9 month old baby had always cold sweath from head to toes every min .what treatment or medicine should given to her..will you please help me about my concern of my child.


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