Benign sleep myoclonus

  • It is characterized by repetitive myoclonic jerks occurring during sleep which are typically in the distal more than proximal limbs, and more prominent in the upper than the lower extremities.
  • It begins during the first week of life, diminishes in the second month, and is usually disappears before 6 months of age.
  • The movements occur most likely during quiet (non-REM) sleep but have been described in all sleep stages.Waking the baby causes the movements to abruptly cease.
  • Episodes of myoclonus are not associated with eye deviation, oral movements, apnea, color changes, or crying, which can distinguish them from seizures.
  • Neurologic examination is normal. Ictal and interictal EEG are typically normal.
  • Treatment is not required and neurologic outcome is normal.
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Read classification of ” Paroxysmal Non Epileptic Events PNEE

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