Gratification disorder or infantile masturbation

Gratification disorder also known as infantile masturbation is a self-stimulating pleasure behaviour of the child. It occurs between the ages of 3 months and 5 years. It may be observed in both sexes, but is more frequent in boys. 

The child is found rubbing the thighs together with the rocking movement of body against an object while sitting or lying down. Abnormal noises, facial flushing might be associated. There is no loss of consciousness and it stops with distraction of the child. 

The unusual postures or movements are confused as abdominal pain, seizures, paroxysmal dystonia or dyskinesia. Video recording the event and EEG differentiates epilepsy in suspected patients. 

Neurologic and developmental outcomes are normal. There is no need for treatment, but parent education and reassurance are important. 

Read classification of ” Paroxysmal Non Epileptic Events PNEE

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