What is Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is the term attributed to physiologic responses to travel by sea, car, train, air and virtual reality immersion. Anyone with a functional vestibular system can develop motion sickness depending on the individual threshold to the severity of the stimulus. Other risk factors that make a particular individual more susceptible are :

  • Age—children aged 2–12 years are especially susceptible, but infants and toddlers are generally immune. Adults >50 years are less susceptible to motion sickness.
  • Sex—women are more likely to have motion sickness, especially when pregnant, menstruating or on hormones.
  • Migraines—people who get migraine headaches are more prone to motion sickness, more so during a migraine episode

Next Post(7 April): Clinical Manifestations of Motion Sickness

Post Pic Credits marineinsight.com

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