Managing a heat stroke

Outside Hospital:

  • Move patient to a cool place.
  • Remove clothing and drench skin with cool water, fan skin.
  • Place ice packs on the armpit and groin areas.
  • Offer cool fluids if alert and able to drink.
  • If person is unconscious, check airway, breathing and pulse.
  • Immediately transfer to nearest health care facility.
  • Start iv fluids while on the way.

In Hospital

    a) External Cooling

  • Immersion cooling: Ice baths. (Ice water can reduce core body temperature to less than 39 C in approximately 20-40 min.) or Cooling blankets with ice packs to axilla, groin, neck and head
  • Evaporative cooling: the patient’s skin is exposed to warm air at 40 C passing over the body while a mist of cool water at 15 C  speeds heat dissipation.

    b) Internal cooling

  • Gastric, bladder, and rectal cold water lavage
  • Peritoneal and thoracic lavage
  • Cardiopulmonary bypass or plasma exchange

     c) Emergency life support

  • Intravenous infusion of normal saline
    • Correction of electrolyte disturbances

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