Clinical Feature Degree – Score
Stridor None – 0
At rest on auscultation 1
At rest without auscultation 2
Recessions None – 0
Mild 1
Moderate 2
Severe 3
Cyanosis None – 0
With agitation 4
At rest 5
Consciousness level Normal – 0
Altered 5


  • 0-2       =          Mild Croup
  • 3-5       =          Moderate Croup
  • 6-11     =          Severe croup

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  1. Please share pearls on ophthalmic and ear drops that can be safely used in newborns in India and dosage schedule

    Erythromycin eye drops are not available in India-so what options in Ist month of life for pink eye?

    Can we have ophthalmologist as part of BLK team to share pearls in management of ocular conditions as stye¹ and when do we consider treatment failure and should take expert opinion from ophthalmologist when massage over nasal bridge fails in watering of eyes in newborn?

    Pearls can be enriched with videos (of various types of seizure and orthopedic clinical examination and latest physiotherapy techniques) along with theory
    Thank u for patient reading


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