Setting rules for screen usage at home

Its important to set reasonable limits to your child’s screen time especially when the use of screen is hindering his or her involvement in other activities. Some of the tips to be considered are as follow: 

  • Prioritize playtime – ensure 45-60 minutes of outdoor physical activities daily.
  • Family times like meal time should be absolutely screen free- even mobiles should stay out.
  • Discourage use of media entertainment(like background music) during homework.
  • Discourage use of chat groups and limit access to social media. Preferably access to social media should be allowed at high school level only.
  • Use family chat groups or common chat groups for class notes or homework assignments
  • Set and enforce daily screen time limits and curfews, such as per day limits and especially no exposure to screens 1 hour before bedtime.
  • Keep screens out of your child’s bedroom.
  • No gadgets or screen should accompany in washrooms.(Should apply to adults in family too, as kids would eventually follow our footprints)
  • Eliminate background TV running in the living rooms.
  • Limit your own screen time
  • Consider using inbuilt features like (Digital well being or Google Family Link on Android or Screen time on iOS or Family Safety in Windows) that control the length of time a child can use a device.

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