Nonpharmacologic interventions for Motion Sickness

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Following Non- Pharmacological Measures can help Prevention or treat motion sickness:

  • Optimizing position to reduce motion or motion perception—Selecting seats where swinging or rotatory type of motion is the least. For example- 
    • In a boat, lower deck and midship cabins are recommended. 
    • In a car, the front seat is recommended. 
    • In a plane, a seat over the front edge of the wing is recommended
    • In a train, forward facing seats are recommended. 
    • In a bus, the Middle seats are better than on front or back.
  • Reducing sensory input—
    • Lying prone or recline to maximum
    • Standing
    • Use of Head rest to stabilize head movements
    • Shutting eyes or Sleeping
    • Looking at the horizon or a stationary object
    • Avoidance of reading or looking at a screen while in a moving environment
  • Maintaining hydration by drinking water, eating small meals frequently, and limiting alcoholic and caffeinated beverages.
  • Adding distractions—Listening to music, or using aromatherapy scents such as mint or lavender. Flavored lozenges may also help.

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